Sunday, July 26, 2009

JULY 2009 ROCK ART PAINTINGS (group two)

"Couch Cats" series:
I had such a blast painting these!
All the little details...the book, glasses, remote control..the afghan draped over the back. I'll see the response I get in the upcoming auction. I'd really like to expand on this series.


A really cool rock...there are subtle blues & purples washed in
the black and white fur....i think adds a neat effect.

I'd also like to expand on the cats with flowers series.
(Note gray cat with roses & calico with flowers & butterfly)

I enjoyed creating the girl with cat rock. She's displayed on a
black acrylic stand. I'd like to do a series of these with various cat breeds ...also have a sketch of an angel holding a cat that I hope to get to this week.